Potenza Technology specialise in the design and build of prototype and low volume high energy density lithium battery packs. We have produced packs using pouch, cylindrical and prismatic cell formats and have significant expertise with 18650 format cylindrical cells. Our solutions include in house developed Battery Management Systems which allow us the flexibility to develop a complete solution tailored to customer requirements.

We have in-house capability to undertake :
   - Mechanical and electrical design
   - Cell tab welding including pulsed arc for copper bus bars
   - Pack assembly including mechanical components, wiring & cabling
   - Pack test
   - Battery management system design and supply

Previous notable projects include the development of packs for the Westfield iRacer, the Delta E4 Coupe, autonomous Pod projects, a prototype testbed for Airbus, a 14V auxiliary battery for Formula E applications a ground based test bed for ContraElectric Propulsion (aviation) and a number of other prototype and research project applications.

We can support whole pack design, or component specification and supply. Our products are essentially building blocks and methods we employ to create packs, and this reflects our ethos on batteries which is that they should be bespoke designs to suit the application. For more information please contact us.


Our ethos has always been to develop products which fill those gaps where we cannot readily source the right components for customers. This has led to a portfolio of electronics products (click on the link below for more information) :

   - Battery Management Systems
   - Powertrain Controller (available from Q4 2017)
   - General Purpose ECUs

All of our products are designed to work with the Mathworks Simulink and Embedded Coder toolchains to allow seamless use of automatic code generation for software implementation.

From Q4 of 2017, we will have a BMS and powertrain controller developed to the ISO26262 standard, a result of a large collaborative R&D project -  AMPLIFII. Functional safety has long been a core service offering of Potenza, and we have applied that know how to generate 'out of context' ASIL D compliant units to meet the demands of automotive, commercial vehicle and off highway applications.


Distributed Body Electronics or DBE is a unique approach to the architecture of providing electrical functionality in vehicles. Our systems reduce cost, complexity and mass compared to conventionally wired systems.

Typical wiring bundles on cars can reach 10s to 100s of wires, our approach reduces this to 3, 1 power line and 2 communications lines, and where possible using the body as an electrical return path. Each attached smart module uses the same connection type, and smart modules cannot be connected to the wrong connector making the system poke yoke.  Smart modules drive outputs, monitor output currents, can provide software fusing and remove the need for bulky fuse and relay boxes. They detect faults on connected components and communicate back to a central controller providing complete systems diagnostics.

Current systems use the widely adopted CAN protocol, with ongoing research into power line carrier based communications which will further reduce mass, complexity and cost.

We offer complete systems solutions, integrated with touch screens and LCD displays, with both bespoke and off the shelf options to cater for low to high volume applications.


In Season 3 Potenza supplied equipment to Formula E including :
   - Power Distribution Unit
   - Fully protected auxiliary (12V) lithium battery
   - Off vehicle charger and system monitor

We have also developed a very compact DCDC solution for 700 to 16V conversion which incorporates a small lithium battery for vehicle startup and power distribution in a single compact enclosure, approved by the FIA.

We can also provide support with software for :
   - Powertrain simulation
   - Race strategy and Energy Management

We can also offer lightweight power distribution systems based on our body systems technology to distribute auxiliary power around the vehicle, with built in diagnostics.



We have a long history of working on Systems Safety Engineering, formerly within the IEC61508 standard, and more recently applying ISO26262 to both our internal projects and those of customers ranging from small SMEs to major OEMs. We have a can do attitude, we look for pragmatic answers and specialise in handling the grey areas of prototype and low volume vehicles.

Systems INtegration

Potenza are experienced in the integration of systems, notably in respect of High Voltage electrical systems for powertrains. We operate a systematic approach from requirements capture cascaded through software and hardware specification, software and hardware development, test and validation.

As well as integrating powertrains on a number of electric vehicles, we have worked on body systems integration and vehicle to grid charging systems.


We offer a cradle to grave service for prototype level builds, whether it is vehicles, battery systems, electronics or other systems. Our in house capabilities include styling, mechanical design, electrical and electronic design, software development. systems integration, project management, 3D printing and systems test.

Combined with these skills and facilities, we also work with a network of high quality partners to offer a complete solution, and offer a rapid reaction to customer requests.


Founded in 1999, Potenza Technology was formed from the Rover Group Hybrid and Electric research department. From our initial project, developing  a Gasoline Reformer Control System for a Hydrogen fuel cell application,  we have worked at the forefront of electric powertrain technology. Our focus has traditionally been automotive, supporting niche vehicle manufacturers through to major OEMs and their supply chain with the development and implementation of new technology. This includes, notably, safety engineering, initially along the principles of IEC61508 and more recently ISO26262. Additionally we have undertaken a number of projects in the aerospace sector and include Airbus, Grob, Piaggio and Pilatus amongst our customers past and present.

Based in Coventry in the UK, we are a dynamic team of engineers working on a range of projects for customers and launching our own products. Battery expertise has been developed over a number of years, developed initially for the Westfield iRacer, an all electric racer car which asked new questions of electric vehicle technology not answered by products commercially available at that time.

We have developed a significant capability in the field of body electrical systems, building on cutting edge research projects looking at wireless and power line carrier based technologies to simplify automotive body system.  Most recently we have worked on the Ariel Hipercar programme and with Morgan on an APC programme, providing a CAN based distributed body system to each vehicle.  On the Hipercar we also developed the dash and user touchscreen interface.

Potenza was involved in Formula E from Season 1, working with the Dragon Racing team, supporting technology and energy management strategy through to supplying hardware for the Season 3 vehicle.

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